Love, Sex and Romance – Three Secrets of How to Get More – A Married Woman’s Guide


Remember when you first met? When the major worry of the day was what to wear on your date, where to have dinner, what movie to see and what would happen later? Then there was the wedding, and then the kids, and your job, and the mortgage, and his job and somewhere in there things changed. You’re still in love, it’s just that it’s different. You’re older now. More mature, Your priorities have changed. What sort of a woman spends her time thinking about how to please a man anyway?

Well we both know the answer to that one; you. Otherwise why would you be reading this? Married women who are looking for more love, sex and romance have a big advantage over their single counterparts. They have a built in supply, it’s just not as plentiful as it once was. But that’s not necessarily a problem if you know the secrets of how to turn your supply back on. There are three important things you can do which will seriously improve your relationship and get it back to the way it used to be before all those distractions got in the way.

1. Feed him properly. Are you laughing right now? This is not a joke. Remember the old saying, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach? It’s only too true. Meals are important social rituals. By now you’ll know what his favorites are, but when did you last cook that meal he likes just because he likes it? There is a sensuality to a really good meal which the traditional evening meal with the family completely misses, so pick a time and do the whole thing, several courses, lovely china. a favourite wine. If you don’t have time to cook there are plenty of places on the internet where you can order special occasion meals which can be simply heated up. Does he enjoy a particular food? Finger foods especially make great suppers you can both enjoy in bed.

2. Get physical. No, I don’t mean what you think I mean. It’s more basic than that. Men like to be touched by the women they love. Touched on the hand, the shoulder, wherever seems appropriate. Of all the couples I know where they still hold hands, it’s the man who initiates the hand holding, not the woman. When you walk past him don’t avoid contact, invite it. Remember how you used to feel when he walked in the room? I’ll bet you used to smile whenever you saw him, so why don’t you do that now? It will take conscious effort at first; when you look at him, smile! It’s a simple process which has all sorts of special effects, it releases chemicals in your brain which make you happier and helps to strengthen the bond between you. Unless your man has turned into a total loser (and if he has why are you reading this) your smile reflex will come back pretty soon. He’ll notice a big difference, but he won’t know why. Which is just as well; it’s part of the fun to keep him guessing.

3. The third secret? Spoil yourself. Yes, you heard me. Spend serious time and effort on yourself. Make yourself feel good and look good. No, this is NOT turning you into a sex object or any of that nonsense. You can’t make someone else feel good if you don’t feel good yourself. Think about it. When you know you look good, how do you feel? Good? When you feel really good, what do you think of? (No, not food, the other thing) Now connect all the dots and you’ll see where I’m going with this. Get a facial and a massage. Have a manicure, get your hair done. Have a wonderful scented bath, brush your hair and put on one of those fabulous scented night creams plus as tiny dab of scent. Choose a drop dead gorgeous nightgown (that fits properly) and you’ll go to bed looking and feeling like a queen.

Oh and one more thing. If you follow all this advice, it might be an idea to turn in a little early, or maybe set the alarm a little earlier in the morning. Now you know the three secrets, you don’t want to rush.

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